Our Story


When our son Jack was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 4, we struggled with the news. We went from feeling sadness and shock to anger and confusion. Life as we knew it had changed forever. As our new reality began to settle in, we made a pact as a family to face this new life with positivity and strength. We were determined to show Jack that in spite of his diabetes, his life will be filled with activity, fun, freedom and good health.

In March 2010, we chose to put Jack on the OmniPod pump. After eight hard months of insulin injections, we were excited and hopeful. It quickly proved to be the right decision for Jack and our family. Jack loves his pod and prefers to wear it on his arms.  Since Jack is an active boy,  we  quickly found that the pod sometimes would jar loose after a full day of activity. We needed a solution....so we began to sew colorful arm bands in all different patterns for Jack to wear over his pod to secure it in place.  They worked!  Jack no longer had to worry about the pod coming loose. He had a new sense of freedom in not having to think or worry about his insulin pump during the day. That easily, Bands 4 Life was formed!  

These stylish bands not only keep Jack's pod secure, they are lightweight, can get wet, are machine washable and most of all, they are fun and comfortable to wear!  The best part is that Jack loves the bands and chooses a new band for every day of the week! Even his friends from school without diabetes started wearing the bands!

Our hope is that your child will benefit from these arm bands as much as Jack has. Choose Bands 4 Life and give your children the fun and freedom that they deserve!!