Please enjoy reading some of our customer reviews.

Emma L Tuesday November 20, 2012
I have been on the omnipod a year & 1/2. I am a very active 8 year old, the bands are very useful and help me continue to play as normal. Thank you
From: Aitkin, MN
Rebecca Jordan Sunday October 28, 2012
I have been using the Omnipod for around 6 years. I found the only place I could wear it so it would not clog up or get knocked off was on my stomach. I am an elementary school teacher so the students keep me on my feet and busy all day. My husband just ordered me my first arm band. I am looking forward to wearing a pod somewhere else on my body than my stomach!! Thanks so much for a product that helps people from 6 to 60. Diabetics with the omnipod around the world thank you. ~Rebecca
From: Commerce, GA
Kara Thursday July 26, 2012
I haven't got one yet but im so excited to get one!!! im very active and this will help it stay in place while I dance,swim,and have fun
From: New York
Chasity Kaufman Thursday July 26, 2012
Great product !!
From: Tucson,AZ
Jessica Gargagliano Thursday July 26, 2012
We just got my 6 years old sons arm band in the mail. He just started OmniPod and was having some issues with staying on. He immediately put it on and loves it! He says it gives him special powers. Thanks for a great product!!!!!
From: New York
Rachel Jensen Thursday May 31, 2012
Hi!! I am a thirteen year old diabetic currently using the omnipod. After trying so many things and having so many fails I stumbled across this amazing band that was meant for people just like me!! Thank you so much for making these!
From: Provo Utah
Lissa Dochat Saturday August 6, 2011
We have a very active 8 year old son who was having a lot of trouble keeping his pod from kinking after running around and especially after swimming. His nurse gave him one of your bands to try and it made all the difference in the world! Now he can swim and run around with confidence that his pump is safe! Thank you so much!!!
From: Pennsylvania
Blake's Mom Thursday August 4, 2011
Blake was so excited to get the mail yesterday and came RUNNING down the STREET with a HUGE smile on his face : We LOVE the bands! We have been having some trouble with the Omnipod staying secure and with all of the running around a very active 8 year old does! We used tape and many other things to keep it secure~ NOTHING compared to these GREAT bands! Thank you for such a wonderful product that is also "COOL" for kids!
From: Washington
Sue Monday June 20, 2011
I'm a 61 y o woman who wears the OmniPod on my arms. I ordered the nude arm band Saturday it was shipped Saturday and arrived today, Monday. Wow what great service! I'm wearing it now, and it feels comfortable and secure. I'm looking forward to it making me less self conscious about wearing the pod on my arm. And it gives me a more secure feeling. Thanks for a great product and super fast service!
From: USA
Dana Monday May 23, 2011
My Band should be coming soon! I am so excited! I have allergic reactions to the tapes that I have tried...Thanks so much for making these bands!
From: CA
Cynthia Monday May 23, 2011
Just wanted to say that we are so very happy with the armbands we ordered. I must say that I think our family would have given up on the omnipod if those armbands were not available. Our 7 year old son is extremely active and tosses and turns in his sleep. The first couple of times we tried the omnipod, the adhesive stayed on but the pod itself ripped away from the adhesive. As you may know, that is so painful and a waste of a great deal of insulin. These bands give us and our son, that measure of reassurance we need and as a result, our son feel so much freer than he did with the pump and infusion set he had before. We can't thank you enough!
From: New Jersey
Stephanie Thursday March 3, 2011
This arm band is SO amazing for my 6 year old daughter, Mallory! I always had issues with her POD when she was going to her swimming class, and this is the perfect solution! She absolutely loves the water we call her our little fish and now she can swim without a worry! Thank you so much for creating these bands-they're a lifesaver!
From: Texas
"Gavin's Mom" Friday February 25, 2011
Thank you for making my 5 year old son's life just a little bit easier! These arm bands are fun and work great. He LOVES them. He looks forward to picking one out everyday and his dad and I know his pod is secure while he is at school or playing. As parents of diabetic children we all know that anything that gives one less worry is priceless!
From: Boston, Ma
Brian Wednesday December 15, 2010
My son absolutely loves his bands! We finally found something that he will wear to keep his pump in place! And the kids in his class think the bands look so cool!! Thanks!
From: New York
Karen Wednesday December 15, 2010
My daughter, age 6, loves the arm bands! She wears them at all times - even to sleep and her pod is totally secure! She loves all the fun colors and her favorite is the sequin swirl. Thank you Bands 4 Life for making life a bit easier with these arm bands.
From: New York