Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the band thin enough to wear under long sleeve shirts?

Yes - it sure is. The material is a thin spandex that can be worn underneath any garment from long sleeve shirts to pajamas. The smooth fabric is so comfortable that sometimes my son forgets he is wearing a band at all.


2. Do you still need to wear tape over the pod if you are wearing an arm band.

No- I never use any tape or IV 3000 pads over Jack's pod when he is wearing an arm band and I almost always get a full 3 days worth. He leaves his arm band on all day even in the bath or shower. 


3. What is the benefit of wearing the band?

We have an active, athletic son that loves "rough-housing" with his brothers and playing sports.  We frequently were forced to change his pod to a new one because it would jar loose. When he's wearing his band, it almost never jars loose and we typically get 3 full days out of it.

4. Can the band get wet?

Yes - he wears it swimming and in the bath and shower. The band is made from a spandex material similar to swimsuit material so it can get wet and dries quickly.

5. What size is the band?

Each band is custom made to your size. Please see our Directions for Measuring tab to get the most accurate fit. The bands will all fully cover the whole pod to keep it secure. 

6. How durable is the band?

Jack has been wearing them for about a year now, and they are still going strong! Granted, we have a few styles that we rotate between, but they have proven to be extremely durable.

7. How do I ensure accurate measurement to pick the correct size band?

Please see our Directions for Measuring tab and input your size into the custom size textbox under the pattern you choose.

8. What is your return policy?

We will be happy to issue you a refund within 30 days of purchase if you find the band does not work for you or does not fit properly. Simply email us at and state your reason for requesting a refund and if it is within the 30 days of purchase, we will be happy to issue you a full refund.